Belgian Giants - Taking over Europe by Storm


Jan 8, 2013
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This is my first FM Story and I have decided to go with a National Challenge, but this time I'll start backwards. Starting with the national team and making my way down to a club of that nation. If you had guessed the team by reading the title, it's Belgium.

Belgium will soon be a very dominant team in the world and theclubs are producing some good players with the likes of Kevin de Bruyn, Romelu Lukaku, Thibaut Courtois and the likes.

I have set some ground rules for myself.

1. I cannot leave the National Team unless I have finished winning: The World Cup, UEFA Euro, Confederations Cup

2. Once that has been accomplished. I will leave then I will accept the first Belgian Club that offers me a job. If 2 or more clubs offer me a job I will accept the one I choose.

More rules to follow soon.

So lets get this underway.
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You say Belgium are producing good players and you dont mention Hazard?? Anyway, good luck with this mate
So to get this started I have given my manager a French name. Gaspar Blanc.

The Belgian FA are expecting me to be competitive in our group stages for the World Cup Qualifiers. In our group we have Serbia, Croatia, Wales, Macedonia and Scotland. The group does seem very competitive and we'll have to do very well to get through. Our first game will be against Serbia!

It looks my first game in charge will be a friendly against Algeria. I plan to start making changes to the team as well as putting in a few younger players in that match. Tactics wise I shall use these:



This will be the main tactic I shall use, mainly for the games that are evenly matched that could go either way. Its quite fluid and will be about attack whilst also contributing to the defense.



This is all-out-attack. This is the tactic I shall use when playing against teams that are not the strongest, this will help us score the goals but also it helps out in the defense making sure that nothing will get past. This tactic is also a source of a counter attack. Give us the chance and we will take it.



This tactic is all about control. It will slow the game down and it will look to aggravate the opposition (Hopefully it will!) I will use this in any game situation whether it is against tough opposition or not.

I will tweak these tactics or maybe even change them whilst the days go by.

Stick around for the Algeria game!
I am also currently managing Belgium (together with WOLFSBURG).

Today Ive qualified for the WC 6points from second (WALES).

National Pool is awesome - my problem is my tactics has wingbacks and the rwb is very problematic - been forced to use people like OJO/CIMAN who are not ready/up to it.

Up front I urge you to use JELLE VOSSEN, and BATSHUAYI (Standard) as well.

Look also at people like ODJIDJA etc ...

Line-Up against Algeria


We played a great game and ended up winning 4-0 thanks to Lukaku, Dembele and Hazard.
Attack wise we outperformed the other team and our defense was strong, Courtois mad some great saves as well
The team played well together as a unit and played well under captain Vincent Kompany.
We could have made it 5 but unfortunately Witsel missed a penalty in the first five minutes of the game.

Man of the Match:



This Belgian boy was brilliant, he picked up 2 goals and assisted one, he is well deserved of this M.o.M.
Lets hope he will produce more of the same against Serbia!

Stay tuned for the Serbia qualifier game!
I am also currently managing Belgium (together with WOLFSBURG).

Today Ive qualified for the WC 6points from second (WALES).

National Pool is awesome - my problem is my tactics has wingbacks and the rwb is very problematic - been forced to use people like OJO/CIMAN who are not ready/up to it.

Up front I urge you to use JELLE VOSSEN, and BATSHUAYI (Standard) as well.

Look also at people like ODJIDJA etc ...

I had to use Dennis Odoi as a full-back as a replacement for De Bock and I must say he is really good. Will keep those strikers in mind :D
Yeh ODOI is good. As is Jelle Van Damme at RB.
Good start, I like the national teams atm, I like your pictures of tactical and the result nice effort.
-WC Qualifier against Serbia-

Starting Game Line-Up

Final Score

The team played well but we could have converted most of our chances into goals.
Defensively the team performed brilliantly and had no faults what so ever.
The midfield kept us strong and a set-piece gave us the winner, I am proud of the team of overcoming the expectation of beating Serbia!
Next on is the mighty Croatia

Man of the Match
Marouane Fellaini

Marouane had a solid game for us, he played his ball winning midfielder role very well
His height was our advantage as he smashed in a header that gave us the winning goal!
Lets hope he can continue this good form.

-WC Qualifier against Croatia-

Final Score

It ended all even at the Stade Maurice Dufrasne. Croatia were as evenly strong as us and the game ended in a bore draw. I couldn't say way played well and I can't say we played poor. It was an 'average' game for us, but at least we picked up a point to go at a draw at the top of the table with Macedonia. If we hopefully beat Wales (Which won't be easy) we can go top!

Man of the Match
Mousa Dembélé

Mousa was the man of the match for one solid reason. He created the most chances for us and had 2 shots on goal. If only our attackers could convert his crosses into chances we would have won. Not to mention that he hit the crossbar during his second shot!


Our next game is against a tough Welsh side, we will do our best to beat them!
I will soon be doing updates on who is entering and leaving the national pool and start adding the groups table.

-WC Qualifier against Wales & Macedonia (FYROM)-

From Top: Line-Ups against Wales and Macedonia (FYROM)

Final Scores


From Top: Final scores against Wales and Macedonia (FYROM)

In our third qualifier for the World Cup, we went up against Wales, we played really well as a unit but I was disappointed with our finishing. We failed to convert shots into goals as well as only hitting 3 on target out of 7. As always our defense held pretty well and refused to let anything go past them.

Macedonia was the toughest game we've had so far. We took an early scar when Macedonia managed to score from a set-piece, which I thought was a bit unusual as we have the height advantage. We fought back with goals from Hazard and Mirallas, who was a sub and will now replace Lukaku in the starting line-up as he is not performing as well as he should.

With those results we now take top spot. Im very proud of the team and it looks like we have a chance of qualifying for the World Cup!

Man of the Matches
Vincent Kompany

Vincent has been superb for Belgium so far! He has controlled our defensive line very well and the team is performing well under his captaincy. He has been very good in the air had so far, from what I have seen hasn't let anything go 'over' him in the last two games. He has also now been awarded the most M.o.Ms under my management. As always I hope Vincent can keep playing with this form.

World Cup Qualifier Group A Standings


That's the end of the first half of WC Qualifying. Now we are off to play some friendlies against Andorra and South Africa!