Jul 7, 2010
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Hey all I've just got back from brugge this morning was a really nice place to visit. Anyway while i was there i bought a cercle brugge and club brugge football shirt and its kinda persuaded me to load up the belgian league and start a save with one or the other not sure which yet gunna have a look at each squad etc. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for belgian leagues??
Their quite simple, I played as Club Brugge as well and you start with a fairly strong squad, only guy you gotta watch out for is Lukaku, that guy is a demon.

Npower Championship players should do well enough for the Pro League. I signed Chopra and I was please with that as he got 14 goals in 16 games.
The Pro League is a good choice, i went for Gent and found it very challenging, most players from english leagues will perform well in those conditions.
tbh i think its quite easy but also really good fun, my longest ever save was with standard liege in 2009, their team then was beast but a lot of those players are gone now. for a challenge why dont u be a team no ones heard of
yeah i'm gunna have a sift through the teams just loaded pro league and second division gunna have a nosey around them