Benitez vents fury at Heinze saga

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Aug 23, 2006
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Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez launches a stinging attack at the Premier League and Man Utd over the Gabriel Heinze saga.


I agree with him about the Mascherano thing though.
How long did it take for Mascherano to complete his deal?

It seems silly trying to force a club to sell a player but I don't know what's in this document mentioned.
I think it took a few weeks for us to actually get him at Liverpool then it was about a month before he was given clearance to play for us.
i think if i player wants to go he should be allowed. he is joining madrid now
He was allowed to leave..just not to a big time rival like Liverpool. There hasn't been a transfer between Man Utd and Liverpool since 1962. :rolleyes:
well if a club meets the value that was asked then he should be allowed. nothing stops me from quitting my job and moving on.
I'm not so sure, if a club rejects your bid you should just up the bid or move on, not bring the lawyers in. Whether he wants to go or not, he signed a contract and should honour it untill a bid is accepted or the contract runs out.

I agree with Grant.