Bent makes £16.5m Tottenham move

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Aug 23, 2006
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Tottenham sign striker Darren Bent from Charlton for a club record £16.5m.

Rip imo, and they don't need a first choice striker with Keane and Berbatov I don't think. Bye bye Defoe methinks (as well as Mido).
yeah some of the best strikers in the league. fear them i think

some better midfield service would mae them unreal
The price for Bent is pretty high but his opta stats are pretty impressive, he has quite a high conversion ratio and was one of the leagues highest scorers and that was at a side that got relegated. A good buy I think for Spurs, like Sam says let's hope they can provide him the service.

Defoe is only just better than average I think. He has pace, but his dribbling and finishing just reminds me of Djibrill but slightly worse. Wouldn't mind seeing him getting a game in the Premiership though, so I hope he moves away from Spurs.
Defoe has not done much last two years but 16.5m is 12m too much for Bent. why are English players always so over priced?
Well if you think about the £27m Liverpool are going to be paying for Torres (pretty soonish apparently) it makes Bent look like a Bargain.

English players are overpriced because they are "proven" in the premiership... but then again players like Kuyt, Alonso, and Hyypia weren't proven.
and if henrys worth 16m or whatever your havin my eyes out
see the thing is Henry and Torres are amazing.Bent is not
You could gamble that £16.5m on someone who is amazing in Italy, Spain or Germany and he could fail to adapt to the premiership. You know what you're getting with Bent because as Lee says, he's proven. It may well be a rip off but if I was a Charlton fan I'd be very pleased with that price.
He may prove me wrong but I couldnt believe this signing. Fair enough if the price was about £4 -5m, but £16.5m is ludicrous. And if Spurs could have easily bought two quality midfielders for that to supply the afforementioned better service to some quality strikers.

For me Bent would just have replaced Mido as backup.