Bernado silva for 29.5M


Jan 6, 2010
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I bought Bernado Silva from Man City for 29.5M in second season and it seems they were desperate to sell him.
I think it's an excellent deal at his value price, so i wonder if anyone manage to buy him cheap too.
He always gets put on the transfer list. Annoys me because he is absolutly unreal and it would never happen in real life.
Transfer AI is terrible. Has been for years. Must be very hard to do under the hood as it’s not got better.

Trouble is I always fall for it and buy someone I don’t need because it is too good a deal to ignore!

If you sell someone, it is almost inevitable they will be transfer listed by their new club after a couple of seasons after barely playing.
Man City signed Kristoffer Ajer from Celtic for £13m in January, didn't play a single game, and I signed him in Summer for £15m - and he's come straight into my Crystal Palace team as Captain. He's very very good too! Arsenal want him so I've just given him a massive new contract to keep him!