Jun 19, 2009
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I'm in my first season in January and still have Cole but I'm not too sure how long he stays as a world class LB on this game? Anyone have advice on that?

But otherwise how does Bertrand develop? Is it worth buying a new young LB who has good potential or should I just stick with Bertrand and let him develop as my #1 LB when Cole fades out?
I recommend buying a new young left back mate.

In my game, Bertrand didn't develop very well at all. I took over as England manager when he was 30 and he never got a look in.

As far as his club career went (he's a manager now), here it is:

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Couldn't hold down a place at Chelsea or United (not sure why they bothered buying him). Not good enough for chelsea basically.

Try scouting Digne or Corchia (right back but he should be competent as a left back and you can train him there). Both good replacements. Sorry I can't think of more, my game's almost completely regens now.
You could always retrain Nathan Aké there, he's pretty quick and I think makes a better fullback than centerhalf.