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Apr 25, 2013
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I'm looking for a team with a decent budget that i'll be able to get into the premier league and build on. I currently have a successful save with Everton but i want a different kind of challenge to keep me entertained.
if you want a team to go in the championship you have got Leicester who have a good budget but always seems to underachieve in my files that I have got
Wolves, £30mil in the bank, good youth prospects, top training facilities and a decent youth recruitment.

You start off with about £6mil to spend, if you do well the board give you a lot more to play with by January.
I did my team that i Support Bristol City 250k in transfer budget but easy to build that team with loans and freebies! I'm challenging for 1st in the champ 1st season I'm half way thought the season should easy go on o win the league
Blackpool have a good squad and a decent transfer budget i recall
Thanks for the suggestions, i'm stuck between Wolves and Leicester
Sheffield Weds are an option, I have took a job offer from them half way through the 3rd season, they a 40000 all seater ground which will be useful in the prem
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