Best Clubs to start fm11 with


Oct 21, 2010
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I am going start a new game and i was wondering which team would be the best in board and staff to go to from league one but im not wanting to go to a club like southampton, sheff wed or peterborough im after joining a club that has been in league one for years and try and get the to the premier league

any suggestions anyone
Bournemouth, Tranmere, Carlisle?
Thanks for that i want something that will put me to the test thats all lol
I will keep you informed on how im going on
plymouth argyle..**** team no money...enjoy!
Oldham really interests me, do they attract meny good champ or league one players
I like to be outsiders in the CL e.g. Lyon (cause im them now) & add England, Spain, Italy & Germany & possibly move about if the offer comes.
Huddersfield would be agood team with a promising keeper and good at attacking.or you could go for Brighton
Leeds if you want to try a challenge... They have a pretty good squad that can get you in EPL... Or you can just fail and sit mid table :p