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Best CM ODB to make for FM 12


Feb 21, 2009
hey guys I haven't being online since May coz I said something really stupid & not very clever and I had some time to think about it & I was wrong and I'm sorry and I spoke out of turn

anywho, I'll cut to the chase, I stop playing FM 11, got bored so I download CM 1 - 01/02 to see what old version where like as I only got into CM through CM 5 on my PS2 and made a killer Grenta side, no joke I won everything in 6 seasons and stop, rangers and Celtic winning the SPL

and I must say feel in love with CM 01/02 I think I've play it through the summer holiday :p, now I'm a bit tick off that it's stop working on my MAC :'( stupid MAC 1.7.0 :x, but I've got the Windows version aswell :) so I'm happy

who remember these players in CM 01/02

CM 01/02 Alexandros Papadopoulos - YouTube

The legend of Tó Madeira - YouTube

The story of Maxim Tsigalko - YouTube

now just think what it would be like to have all these players in one huge DB, with all the stats from the ODB 3.9.60 all the way to 3.9.68

or would like me to add a poll and you guys can pick the DB I do :)

CM games I have

CM 1 *
CM 93/94 *
CM 93/94 EOS *
CM Italia 93/94 *
CM 93/94 Norge *
CM Italia 95 *
CM 2 **
CM 96/97 **
CM 97/98 **
CM 00/01
CM 01/02

* I have the game but I can't find the Editor for it
** I've found the editor but I can't for the life of me get it to work

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or was this a bad place to put it and should I move it to FM 12 section


Super Duper Moderator
Jun 30, 2009
I personally don't care what DB you make but CM 01-02 is one of the greatest games I've ever played! Second best CM/FM game I've got.

CM 03/04
CM 01/02
FM 05 >


Feb 21, 2009
also would you guys like the kits done for 2001/02 season :), the only problem is how do I bring back old clubs :/, coz I really don't feel like editing the leagues again that what killed for me the last time, I just want to add the players back & that's it