Best countries to choose feeder clubs for merchandising


Sep 4, 2011
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I have got an american, Chinese, Japanese Aussie feeder teams, is there any other countries were you can get a decent merchandising income from forming a link?
I don't tend to manage big teams so I'm not sure about this but I'd imagine South Korea could be a good one to have, maybe Somewhere in africa as although those countries aren't as wealthy as you're current ones I'd imagine they'd be fairly untapped by other clubs.
I'd stick with the MLS as i believe it gives you one of the most
Anywhere were you have a few fairly high/one world class player but they aren't well-known for their football (Usually outside Europe). For instance, if you signed a Japanese regen who became world class, then getting a merchandising club there would be good! :D
In terms of money income, you just miss Japan and South Korea, good work.

But signing players from those countries (good ones, not **** to fill the reserve team), will raise your incomes.

To get quality regens, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Germany and France are better.

To loan players, i bet on Holland or Belgium.
Ive often though about getting an indian feeder club as it has a massive population and also one in qatar or uae as they have crazy money in those places, dubai for example.