Jan 7, 2011
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I dn't mean obvious ones like Masherano or Cambiasso. More younger ones, 18-24 who are very effective at breaking up play and distributing easily. Any suggestions?
Off the top of my head, some young ones:

Mate Simao
Javi Garcia
Miguel Veloso
Cheers man, I'll have a look, Iv'e heard off a few of them in real life and they sound like exactely what I was after.
Arturo Vidal - can play as deep-lying playmaker and defensive midfielder
Isla is not bad... adilson too, but Alex Song is way better :D
Moussa Sissoko doesent look like a DM to me, look at his marking and tackling :/
Moussa Sissoko doesent look like a DM to me, look at his marking and tackling :/

Guess you're right when you look at it that way, but I guess it depends on the role you give him. He's been doing wonders for me as DM with a support role.

I must admit for me he got to being played at DM out of necessity, but he turned out quite good. Also, it quite helps with his with his preference to shoot long. Now when he does, it makes much more sense then the shots he was choosing as MC somehow...
Anthony Annan. Kid's insane, about 23 at the start of the game and you can get him for 2-3 million usually. Tackles like a pro, and is quick which is a great plus
Casmiro and Ze Vitor(more offensive) from Sao Paulo are very good or Sissoko. One of the best and youngest Dm is Sergio Busquets
Arturo Vidal for me, he's been first choice in my Liverpool squad for 2 seasons, doing a great job! He's not massively overpriced either, if memory serves right.
Huh? No one said Jack Rodwell... Absolute BEAST :D

It depends on what type of DMC you're looking for: Anchor Man, Deep-Lying Playmaker or Defensive Mid. I tend to use Steven Defour (Standard Liege) as a Deep-Lying Playmaker...
Fernando Gago always seems to be transfer listed at Real Madrid, usually for less than £1.5 million. More than adequate :)
Alex Song turns in to one of the best DM's after a season or two, and with him still at a young age, he is only going to continue to improve.
i brought gago to man united and he works wonders when i bring him into the team. he's carrick's understudy for the dm spot with hargreaves not really getting much of a look in.