Mar 26, 2012
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Im finding this game to easy now and im winning the league either 1st or 2nd season with any team in any league, so i want more of a challenge.

Im going to play with arsenal, as i support them, but havn't even bothered using them this year yet as it would be to easy, so im going to only sign english players, my aim is in 3 seasons time, my whole squad will be english, and i want this to be a long term save and have it as an all english save.

Just wondering if theres any lists or anything or if anyone can give me tips on players i can sign for now and the future?

Also has anyone done this sort of thing before and how did it go?

If you're going to build an English squad you're better off using a lower league team instead of a big team from the start. As lower league teams depend more on their homegrown talent..
Some players who were great for me when I did this type of save are:
Jack Rodwell
Nathan Dyer
Jake Livermore
Jason Steele
Steven Caulker

And also Scott Sinclair is a great alround backup and Tom Carroll looks good. Probably forgot someone.
Caulker has been amazing for me!
Will Hughes is decent and Mason bennett is meant to be good.
Ibe from liverpool has turned out decent for me.
James Ward-Prowse and Nathan Redmond have both been absolutely amazing for me in my save. Redmond has dropped off a bit now (he's 28 now in my save) but for about five seasons he was unstoppable on the right wing.
Ward-Prowse is the one though - he's developed into one of the best creative midfielders in the world in my save - his first touch, creativity, passing, flair and technique are all 19/20, and he's generally fantastic in the big games too.
Nathan Clyne,Jack Butland,Luke Shaw,Fraser Forster,Martin Kelly,Will Hughes,Tom Ince.
luke shaw, jack wilshire, wayne rooney, cualker phil jones
GK: Hart
DL: Shaw
CB: Jones, Smalling, Taylor
DR: clyne, Kelly
CM: Shelvey, Livermore, Wilshere
ML/MR: Sterling, The Ox
ST: Welbeck, Campbell, Rooney
Shawcross.Jones,Luke Shaw,smalling,Martin Kelly,Baines,cleverley,ward prowse,will Hughes,sterling,mason Bennett

done (H)

i'm also English national team manager so i can call up an entire 23-man squad of Blackburn players for my senior team. i'm starting to look at England regens now since players like Hart + Wilshere + Rooney are already at their prime and are impossible to buy

i got Crouch, Lampard, and Cole on free transfers for tutoring purposes. Robinson, Shawcross, Jones, and Cleverley can also tutor

can't just have a team full of youngsters

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