Sep 17, 2011
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I have only recently started a new career with Swansea. At first i played Pablo Hernandez as my right attacking midfielder with the role of inside forward. He was injured in Pre-Season.
I was annoyed, but put Nathan Dyer in his place. He has been a god sent.

His stats aren't the best but his sear pace disrupts the opponents defense time and time again.
He is averaging a 7.54 which is really brilliant. we beat Chelsea 1-0 with a Dyer winner.
We currently sit in 7th place, but were at a high of 2nd position.

I am a football manager veteran and he is one of my best ever inside forwards.
He has great pace and determination. What more do you want?
Viktor Fischer has been great for me in an inside forward role.
I have said before now... Nathan Dyer is God!
I honestly cannot count the amount of times Nathan Dyer has torn me a new one with his pace! For me the best IF I have had this year is Eden Hazard. Money no object, he has been absolutely god like for my Bayern team racking up around 20 goals and assists a season. Raheem Sterling has been really effective on either side aswell, I guess its a case of pace in the wings equals success.
Neymar is great in the IF role, but for me the best in that role is Messi, no doubt.
wellington nem and bakary sako on my wolves save nem finshed with 15 goals 12 assists from 40 games n sako finished with 17 goals n 16 asiists from 40 games !
i try get him every fm game every year ....RUBEN ROCHINA!! IF he is something else i think he scored 18 goals and 9assist in 1 season for me at everton he is capable of playing many more positions
Maybe Mr. Obvious now but Cristiano Ronaldo is without doubt the best player I've had playing as Inside forward. Don't know about Messi, but guess he might be better upfront. Then we have Neymar whom is brilliant as IF, Gareth Bale can perform, Marco Reus is very good and in Jesé Rodriguez we have a youngster whom will become brilliant in the future.
there are two types of inside forwards, a creative one. were his main job is to cut in and slip those through balls. or my personal favorite the cut in shoot at all times one. for that ronaldo is the best as you need dribbling, agility, balance and most importantly LONG SHOTS,
Oxlade Chamberlain and James Rodriguez were very effective for me as IFs, as both racked up goals and assists, and the occasional hat-trick.
I think someone has forgot this guy Erik Lamela absolute beast for the money. I picked him up for just 11million, well worth it. I don't think you can find any better for the money. View attachment 331546
Viktor Fischer, hatem Ben arfa, Raheem sterling with a bit of tutoring could be good
Georgi Milanov was a little gem for mid-table Prem sides, I had him and Darko Lazovic cutting in from wide for my wolves team after a couple of seasons. Class
One too add to the pile is Miroslav Stoch, he has a buy-out clause of €15 million but can be gotten for slightly less around 12.5-13m but i still feel that it is very reasonable considering how good he can be.