Apr 16, 2010
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Hi guys, haven't been on here for a while as I haven't played FM for about 6 months! Now I want to start playing again but my computer is a disgrace!! Constantly crashes mid game etc and I'm looking to fix the problem by buying a laptop, so I can enjoy the game without worrying about it crashing!
So I was wondering what do you find is best for FM, also I use the internet a fair bit + use word for study. I have a budget of about £400. I generally have a small/med database and quite a few leagues loaded.

I only really play in the BSS so want it to be able to handle long saves. I'm going to the U.S in the summer so I want to find the one I want and buy it there if I can as they are generally a lot cheaper. Anyway fire away with your suggestions and I'll check them out. Cheers :)
Get a laptop with a i3 processor with min of 4gb ram that would probs do + u may need a laptop cooler or your laptop may overheat i use a acer 5742z i dont have any problem expect overheating really but im not really a computer expert so someone may have better advice than me