Jan 7, 2011
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Which are the best loadn destinations for youngsters? I know the criteria the clubs have to meet, great training facilities, great coaches, playing at a level which will gaurantee your player gets appearances. Which clubs tick all these boxes? cheers.
I normally just offer my youth out on loan and any team that comes back saying he will be a valuable member of their squad i accept and let him chose which one he goes to, as long as hes getting games im happy
Depends which club you are.. but the best clubs are Real Madrid, Man Utd, Cruzeiro, Arsenal and Barcelona, they had the best coaches and they are top clubs of their respective country.. also the top clubs of the top 6 or 7 leagues in the world, example Lyon in france, Milan and Inter in Italy, River in Argentina, Bayern in Germany also Benfica and Porto en Portugal .
A team like Leeds is always a safe bet. Best possible training facilities (not the best coaches though), championship, quite weak squad so your player with get lots of time.
Also you had to look if the theam which want your player on loan will need him to be a 1st team player or a sub
The most important thing is that you send them to a club in an active league and are guaranteed first team football. Everything else is secondary IMO. Have a look at this thread. This thread might be worth a look too.

BTW, this probably should have been posted in the players section. ;)
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The league below that have good coaches and good training facilities.