Best players who have never participated in a World Cup

Bale isn't in the same league as some of these guys mentioned.
Whyelse, neither of them did. We all saw your comment, no need for deleting.
Read WIki Helped them qualify didnt play at world cup
cantona didnt play in world cup nope he played in euro 92 tho
Although Ginola was a very prominent French player, he did not see much action with the French national team, having been capped only 17 times in his career.[1]
In qualification for the 1994 FIFA World Cup, France needed only a draw at home to Bulgaria in their final game, with the match poised at 1–1 Ginola overhit a cross and sent the ball to the opposing team. This allowed the Bulgarians to break from defense and resulted in Emil Kostadinov scoring a surprise winner to knock France out. The French manager Gérard Houllier blamed the entire defeat on Ginola, and he was subsequently branded an assassin of French football. After being barracked by French fans, Ginola moved to England with Newcastle United [13]
Aimé Jacquet did not select Ginola for any major tournaments. Ginola played his last match for the national team in 1995. He played no part in the French FIFA World Cup winning squad of 1998, nor the side that won the European Championship in 2000.