Feb 1, 2013
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Just started up a game with chelsea. What's best players ti buy?
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how much do you have? do you want wonderkids or good players? what position are you looking to fill mate? we need more info!
Av got 40 million. Am lookin 4 a good cf or cm? Wonderkid or good player not really fussed mate.
if you're building for the future i'd recommend alexandre lacazette, adam maher and lorenzo crisetig, but if you're looking for instant impact then there's plenty within your budget, maybe go for rodrigo, leandro damiao, arouca, vagner love, stefan jovetic, benat (my first choice cm really, beast!).....hope this helped
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Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids

go through some of the player threads here, there are quite a few quality youngsters to choose from!

If you are planning on playing them from the start, you do not really need much to be honest..

i think you have a pretty strong squad as it is just offload torres and bring in leandro damiao and a 15 year old striker for the future when the regens come in.. in march