Best role to maximize Bellingham?


Dec 16, 2014
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He doesnt do great as a mezzala, ball winning midfielder seems like a waste, no?
Here's a video of mine talking a bit about Bellingham >>

But tl;dr is box to box or central midfielder - attack. ( If you don't want to watch any videos)

Here's how he's performing for me. Using a carillero next to him and deep lying playmaker behind them.

Carillero is working with only 2 at the center mid? Been confused on what carillero is doing but I can try some games, thanks =)
Yeah, its working quite well. Depending on a game, I'd use BWM as well. But carillero is much better at keeping possession.

Here are some of its average positions. The most advanced of those 3 midfielders is Jude, as CM-A. Just bellow is carillero and behind is DLP-d.

Carillero works the best with Mezzala-A, CM-A or BtB midfielders because it doesn't really move up and down the pitch, but doing subtle lateral movements. Haven't tested carillero in midfield of 2, but in this setup, midfield of 3 it works really well.

It helps when it is Declan Rice, but nontheless:

Also, this is Willock, whom I used before I got Jude:

It is not as broken as it was in FM22, but CM-A seems way more balanced this year.