Best Season


Sep 18, 2005
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This has been my best season so far.

The season I tweaked my tactics. Passed from 4-2-2-2 B to 4-2-2-2 C

4-2-2-2 A wasn't very sucessfull so it lasted just 1 year.
Silver maybe you should leave Liverpool :D
I had a season like that, My first season for Man Utd, finished on 97 points and got 30 wins I think, then got 90 in my second so a bit poor but won the Champions League, League Cup and obviously Prem :)
Best ive gots 36 wins 2 draws, whatever that adds up to.

Thats quite impressive Silver, thought you would have gone unbeaten by now though :p You didnt really have many challengers...
yeah well, I lostthe 37th league match, was quite infuriating, but well, I really didn't cared at the moment. :p

post your tactics n team instructions
Been using your 4-2-2-2 C for a few days now, only played it for about 11 games though but had some big scalps already (Livs, Inter, Porto). My only worry is using it against Chelsea but i'll just deal with that when the time comes.
You have a keen eye, Chelsea poses some troubles to it, but I generally win.
As a fact I'm quite happy to discover it's working for minor teams. I'm used to make tactics for strong teams able to do a lot of rotation because I really push the tempo, runs and such, making them always be quite tired by the end of the matches.