Best software to make club logos??


Jan 26, 2011
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Which is better GIMP or photoshop??

is the free version of photoshop good enough to create decent looking logos or not and which is the easiest to use as i havent really used them before very much so i wont be very good!! are any of them easy or is the whole thing too hard and should i just not bother??

Photoshop by a mile.

*pssst* you could just download it for free on ;)
nice one!! il give it a crack!!

is it easy or hard ?? how long would it take to make a set of logos??
I wouldn't recommend GIMP, it is awful. Photoshop is superior in every way.
I've been using GIMP and it is fine for the more amateur user. It's a great programme considering that it is free
cheers lads!!! il try em both out evn though photoshop seems better.

Are there any tutorials out there showing how to make club logos?? or is it just easy to pick up
hey there,is there any tutorials videos on youtube or something for creating logos on photoshop???searched a bit but nothing as result..
Photoshop is Boss..

But im with the two above me any Guides ??
il have a look for sum tutorials but i doubt there'll be any