best strike force combinations?


Oct 24, 2010
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Is it Target Man and Poacher, Deep Lying Forward and Advance Lying Forward, or a combination of the two?

I have (in my 2nd season atm):
Target Men/Deep Lying Forward: Garra Dembele, Jan Koller
Advance Forward/Poacher: Michael Owen, Leigh Griffiths, DJ Campbell, Guillermo Franco

what would be the best combination in your opinions?
i always play adv forward - d/l forward

but it really just depends on the type of strikers i have at my disposal
Targetman/ poacher
Dzeko/ pato

targetman/poacher is the one i always use
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If playing an AMC, depending what type of players i have i play Poacher/Advanced Forward
Normally the partnership should work in a way that one of the two links the play and gives assists to the others and doesn't get on the score sheet that often. Normally it is a big and strong man and a quick and agile player. The two players should compliment each other. If a one of the players is small, light and weak then he isn't very good at holding up the ball and that's where the big guy comes in. And the other way around - the big guys usually aren't very quick but the small guys are fast enough to run behind the defenders for the knock-downs. And all of this depends also on the rest of the team. If you don't have decent crossers in the team then you don't have much to do with a tall player who's main strength is heading the ball.
thanks for the responses guys, confirmed what I thought
Complete fw and poacher is my favourite or defensive forward and advanced forward
complete forward and poacher (Dzeko and Defoe are a perfect combination)