Jan 29, 2011
Reaction score
Im playing as Staines Town of the BSS currently mid table i have an FA Trophy first round replay coming up against BSS league leaders Salisbury, away.

At home i was all over them but only managed a 0-0 draw with a 4-4-2 tactic.

My best defender and my captain who is midfield have been suspended for the replay and i was wondering what would be the best tactic to use? Should i be more defensive or more attacking? My strikers are really inconsistent

I jus really want a decent cup run in order to boost the finances a bit..

Thanks :)
I would probably go defensive and try and hit them on the counter attack. That way you dont leave space at the back and you shouldnt end up wasting possesion or chances up front. Probably go 5-4-1 and see how it goes or you could just pack the midfield and try and stop them getting through that way i guess
Thanks, i took your advice into consideration and it worked wonders, went 1-0 up then they had a man sent off, unfortunately they had a penalty and brought it back to 1-1, so guttered cus we dominated the whole game but lost 14-13 on penalties!! :(