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Best young defenders: DC and DL


Dec 19, 2007
Central Backs

Micah Richards - the best one as for me. This guy from Manchester City is still 19 years old. Very tough, fast defender and tight marker who can play as right back and defensive midfielder. My scout considers him to be so good as Kolo Toure. But he costs $14M and Man City bosses don't want to sell him at the moment.

Ezequiel Garay - Argentinian 21 years old defender from Racing. He costs $13.75M, has the most of attributes the same as Micah Richards. Richards has higher physical skills, from the other hand - Garay has very good abilities to score goals from free kicks and long shots. My scout thinks that Garay can be as good as Gallas.

Gerard Pique - well-known Spanish wonderkid from Manchester United . He has great Heading and Strength, high Positioning and all mental attributes needed for DC. But likehood of such transfer from Man Utd to Arsenal is very low: So I just consider the fact that the guy is great.

Domenico Criscito - Italian young star from Juventus. Versatile to play on DC and DL positions.
Has great 18 value on many attributes important for defender. Considered highly reliable player who doesn't often let opponents get past him. Scout says that Criscito can be a bit better than Toure! Very interesting and tasty variant for me, actually!

Left Backs

Marcelo - Certain wonderkid who can play for any club in the world and be very successful. Has brilliant fitness and technical attributes. He is able to beat any opponent on a flank by means of his fast and agile technics. Possesses vey high values of Flair, Anticipation, Off The Ball and First Touch for player of left back role. The only disadvantage is that Marcelo belongs to Real Madrid and costs $9.75M. So buying him is really hard!

Gareth Bale - Well-known wonderkid from Wales playing for Tottenham (sorry for wrong photo in the profile - this is made by some of numerous FM facepacks installed at my laptop). He is more balanced than Marcelo, better performs as team worker, better plays at set pieces. High values of Determination, Composure, Concentration tell us that Bale is very determined guy at his seriously young age of 17 years. 17 years and all his current attribute values, surely, allow to train him in a world superstar and legend player in future!!! Moreover, he doesn't have real weaknesses and can be bought easier than Marcelo! Must buy!

Armand Traore - Another 17 years old youngster from Barclay's Premier League - this time from Arsenal. He has also much time to develop in a world star player as Gareth Bale. And I had already possibility to check his abilities to be trained. Here in the training report you can see progress of Armand Traore for the first half of the season. This guy is really cool due to his great pace and ability to shoot from distance with power. He was the main left back in my Arsenal and pushed back Gael Clichy to substitution bench.

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Sep 15, 2005
Thanks, shame I won't ever be able to sign any of them :(


Feb 20, 2009
mentioned some good players but you should have included Martin Caceres;world-class CB by age 25!!!!!Vicious man!!!!
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