Beta Tester Needed!!!


Sep 17, 2005
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I have finished the FM Base patch and would prefer it be tested before everyone starts playing it.

Im testing it myself but would like someone else to give it ago aswell to make sure nothing is seriously wrong with it.

Anyone up for it?
If you posted youre details you are in it.

Kris ill do it, if im not on msn send the files to my Gmail accout ([email protected])
Jack said:
I Would kindly test it.. my fm is getting boring already.

:yikes: fool,how can that be possible?!
Yeh i already have your msn, speek to you about it later.

Edit- Maybe not, my ******* dumb sister has snapped my fm cd :mad:
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Oooh unlucky Jack. Try asking on the SI Games forums and they may even be nice enough and send you out a replacement.
Nah im just going to buy a copy off ebay.. how long does it take to be delievered? ( im ordering from a UK seller. )
From the moment the auction ends I would give it 2-5 days before recieving it. It all depends on how quickly they send the game out.

The copy ive bidded for is 9.00 :O

Or i could just buy it off them for 14 quid.