Jan 18, 2009
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Hey all,

I'm managing Chelsea in the first season, about midway through December. I have, as you may expect, a good team, and have lost only game so far this season. I also have 75 goals in 26 games with 23 conceded.

However, I find myself scoring low on the CCC front. I figure that with more CCC's (highest I've managed so far is 5, but I think my average is probably slightly less than 3 per game), the strikers I have - Falcao, Torres and Sturridge - I can get them scoring more.

Could anyone look at the attached 4-2-3-1 (with wingers) I usually use and suggest changes?

I'm also attaching a pic of my squad so you can see what player attributes I'm working with.

Thanks in advance.
Average of 3 CCCs in a game is not bad and you average roughly 3 goals a game too.
If you want your team averaging more than 3 a game,you will lose out on your less than 1 a game conceding ratio.

I would personally be very happy with no losses,averaging a 3-1 scoreline.Only thing I would look to do is concede even less.
there is nothing wrong with that stat mate ;)

if you (with a squad like that) were only creating 1 per game etc then I would be worried.. you can always increase the tempo with players like that as they are technically gifted and could help in creating more chances..

as akash said though, you may end up conceding more if you are looking for more.. I would leave as is :)
Thankee. I'm not too happy about the goals conceded either, but I'm unsure how to do that unless the answer is pulling the defensive line lower down the pitch?
I'm going to, next season, when I'm bringing in Balotelli (lol at him, Hart and Nasri requesting transfers 5 matches into the season when City were languishing in 16th place).