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May 1, 2010
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I'm sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but Bayern have made an £8.5m offer for Andrea Poli, which was accepted.

I then made a £10m non-negotiable offer for him, which they then rejected? (both bids were made on the same day, so I can't understand why this has happened?)
because clubs do not like to have non-negotiable bids offered to players that have a lot of interest in them or a bid currently on the table :)

offer it as a negotiable bid and they will accept :)

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I just saw the attachments, come now dude, can you not read? oO) it states there that they will not be rushed into a decision.... my point above :)
It probably is because you made it as a non-negotiable offer. Teams reject them when there are other clubs interested in their player. The message you got back was them saying they did not want to be rushed into accepting any deals so it was rejected outright. They then accepted B.Ms offer, although it was a lesser value, they weren't pressured into it. They also may not want to sell to a rival team such as yours.
please read the OP, he did clearly mention that he had made a Non-Negotiable offer mate!

people need to learn to read!
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