Big Dilemma


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Jan 28, 2006
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OK I need a bit of help on what to do here. Im top of the Premier after 13 games. I won it last season and am in the Champions League. Kaka came up for sale for £10m, and as you can see from my finances I can easily afford him.

Milan accepted my offer and when I went to offer a contract I thought hed say he wasnt interested, but he asked for £74,000 a week which the board allowed me to offer. Ive offered the contract but dont know whether to sign him as

1: I dont want to **** up my finances
2: Ive got plenty of quality AMCs
3: Hed be cup-tied in Europe

What do I do? Ive posted my finances, first team squad, AMCs and Kakas stats as he is now.
i wud not bother signing him, bevanante(wateva hes called) is way better and hes like 8 years younger, and he mite disrupt the club, cus thats wat usualy happens to me wen im fine then sign sum1
Yeh I don't think you should sign him either. In a year or maybe less Benavente will become a great player and is ideal as an amc, he's first choice in my Liverpool side now.
Def dont sign him you already have so much quality.
Advice taken. He wanted a £9k appearance fee and a £14k win bonus too which I wasnt willing to pay.
And I noticed its only really his physical stats that are top quality.

Cheers lads.