May 11, 2010
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Just started a save with Birmingham and was lucky enough to sell off a few of the players that were either fringe or up in age at decent prices, most of them just a few K under their listed values.

I have also made a few purchases as you can see in my screen shot. Basically I do not have the highest regard for Foster and Butland is to far down the road. So I am looking for a keeper with more upside that I would be able to afford after I sell Foster.
Why on earth did you sell Foster?

Try Sergio Romero or David Ospina.
against high reputation teams go use a defensive formation and go on the counter attack
ochoa, ruffier, smithies,kameni, romero, ustari,ospina
Maybe I will just put up with him. Any of you sold him in the past just for an indication of what kind of price he might fetch?
nice plug <)

well it was good advertising for my rather unused guide XD

and the lad has just started up a Blues, he may find some useful things in there to help him out (H)