Bit of help with my ball-winnig midfielder PLEASE

Lee Mercer

Jan 26, 2011
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HI PEOPLE!!! Im trying to make my own tactic for about the 8000th time and im wanting to try and build a nice fluid possession tactic with a solid defence. im trying to do this by building from the back 1st. i think i have my defence sorted now so the next step is the defensive midfielder so can any 1 give me a few hints or tips on how to setup my Ball-winning midfielder so that i get good protection for my back 4 as im trying to limit the amount of shots against me in games. he will be playing in the CM position with a defensive duty. i would also like him to play alongside a deep-lying playmaker and if possible get involved in the passing side of the game but 1st and foremost he is there to support the defence. so any help and advice would be most welcome. THANK YOU
First of all, The Ball-Winning-Midfielder is in no way, a defensive player. He's quite aggressive and offensive in his tactical role as he chances down and hassles opponents to steal the ball. This will open holes in your midfield and your DLP/DMC will be dragged towards the gap and end up sacrificing their defensive duties to step into line with your midfield.

I usually just play people in a CM role with defevesive duty and their mentality to defensive. This measn the drop deeder than my other CM and give an option to link my CB's and CM's to play safe short passes up the pitch.
Like written above, its better to use a CM on defend combined with a CM on Support ( or a DPL on support but with the runs from deep set to mixed). This way, you will have one( CM/suppoer or DPL) creative player that moves between the lines when seing fit and one( Cm/defend) holding the ground. Personally, I only use Ballwinners when I use a player in the DMC spot to, like in a 451
Thanks i will give that a try. how would you have him marking zonal or man?
Thanks i will give that a try. how would you have him marking zonal or man?

That would depend on your overall marking system. How are you setup there ?

BUt in general, if wanting a player holding ground and his positions, then one uses Zonal marking but like written above, it depends on the system. Also remember that facing different formations calls for different systems but thats the next step so dont worry about that now
my marking is just on default at the moment ive just been working with the player instructions