Jan 14, 2010
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seriously dont know where im going, where are the areas to invest and who? thanks
More information like whats your budget, specifically what positions?
atm 500k so looking for sum bargains and preferably someone who can put the ball in the back fo the net
Your best players are Gamst Pedersen, and Samba. Grella is a quality anchorman/ Ball winning midfielder and Kalinic is more than capable on his own upfront. So none of those areas need strengthening. Givet is a solid left back, Robinson is a decent keeper and Hoilett in your reserves is good enough to start on your right wing from day one (and he is a great wonderkid, as is N'Zonzi).

David Dunn is good but is getting old and is injury prone - look for a creative midfield replacment for him. Personally, I can't stand Diouf and would sell him to raise funds. I don't think much of Keith Andrews either and would sell. Olsson will come good with time, but you can always cash in if you need funds too. And thinking stratregically, Ryan Nelsen is no longer spring chicken and is costing you 40K a week in wages. Same can be said for Salgado.

Your priorities therefore should be: A new right back, a new partner for Samba in defence, and a new creative centre mid. That should be enough for the first season. Hope that helps