Oct 25, 2010
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Hey, im Blackburn and i need a new winger and central midfielder, i am in my first season with £5m to spend, any ideas ??

Thank in advance
CM - get Kevin McDonald from Burnley, I got him for my Bolton side and he was quality, he got the 3rd most assists in the PL and his Pass Completion rate was in the top 7
felipe anderson will probably come, £1.5m.
Bebe or obertan on loan for about 500k. that should do you
adam lallana from southampton (not being biased) or ayew from one of the french teams... cant remember which one just type it in the search box. as for a CM i always buy this guy called gabi who is quality. if not then just rely on blackburn youngsters they are pretty good
I got John fleck for Burnley in my first season in the prem for 3.3m and he was amazing for me, can play left wing, centre midfield or up front. I know you wanted a right midfielder though not a left oO)
Andrea Poli - MC
Steven Defour - MC
Cheyrou Kouyate -MC
Damian Marcq - MC
Anton Putsilo - Winger
Jimmy Kebe - Winger

Are great midfielders if you can get them. Also Phil Jones is mega on FM so I'd put a lot into developing him. Olson turns out to be class too, so get him playing on the wing.

Also consider getting Jermain Jones, - He seems quite adept at fouling in the box without giving away penalties ;P JOKE.
Mc, poli, defour, boateng, lazzari, kevin,

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