Jul 21, 2009
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I need advice i like to start off with a team that isnt in europe, i was finking about going blackburn, so i went them and noticed they are skint, why is this when in real life the are going for ronaldinho ect???

Also i never cheat so i ask this question should i give blackburn more money at start of game to make it more RELISTIC???

any advice is great
If you really really want money, use FMTRE or just go with Man City? I reccomend just using the budget giving...
Start with Blackburn, and use FMRTE to give yourself around £5,000,000 transfer budget. That's how much the new owners said they would make availible. Perhaps up the wage budget by about £30,000-£40,000 per week too. ;)
Go aston villa they have a nice amount in the bank and are a similar size challenge and club (A)
Aston Villa who are in Europe, which the OP doesn't want.
Go birmingham the have abit and are same position as blackburn
I'd use the editor, FMRTE tends to muck up games