Dec 20, 2010
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Any ideas of who I should sign to boost my chances of survival?

I have about a million left and I've signed Muslimovic, Sylvinho, Griffiths, McGinn and Abubakari Yakubu
You tryed Enzo Maresca if he's interested? He will be a huge boost to your Blackpool team.
youngsters such as hlousek and kadlec are very cheap- also with sell on ability later along the line. what area are you looking to strengthen?
Hi Mate,

I have just managed Blackpool for 3 seasons, so thought ide upload screenshots of all my transfers for you to have a look at cus they worked wonders for me.

1st Season - 9th
2nd Season - 8th (missed out on Europa League on goal difference)
3rd Season - 5th (missed out on Champions League by 1 point) Also won League Cup and FA Cup!

Then in the summer I got offered the Man United job....so of course I accepted!

Hope screenies help out!
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Well I was looking for anything really because the whole team first season is pretty poor
Thanks for the suggestions :)
When I started at Blackpool I signed Denilson (AML), Franco, Marko Suler, Marco Verrati , Oswaldo Sanchez, Geroge Elokobi ( Carney got injured for 12months needed a cheap LB) and Dennis Appiah and Jordi Gomez on loan.
I didn't choose many leagues because it would have just killed my already slow computer so a lot of players that have been recommended aren't on my game :(
I've had Jordi Gomez before and he's a cracking player, 4 assists and a goal on his debut
Would you sign Leigh Griffiths? I've heard he's quite good for weak prem sides?
Yeah i would go for it and get Griffiths. Him Harewood and DJ Campbell should do well. Yeah Gomez was my best player last season!