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Nov 16, 2010
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Today, the 20th December. Blackpool fans woke up to a grave shock. Fans Favourite ian Holloway decided to hand in his resignation due to an argument with the FA for earlier in the season fielding a 'second string' side.

Holloway disputed the FA's claims that he fielded a weaker team and rested several first team players. Saying "It's my team and I choose who plays and who doesn't play." Threating to quit if a fine was issued to Blackpool.

In the FA's meeting on the 17th December 2010, it was decided that a fine was to be issued to Blackpool in relation to this. With internet rumours that day of Holloway handing in his resignation.

Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston insisted that Holloway was happy at Blackpool and that there was going to be no changes in staff. With Blackpool sitting in 16th place in the Premier League, the shock news of Holloway's resignation has shook Blackpool fans, and one fan said this "Bye Bye Premier League Football, Holloway all the way"

Later that day, Oyston appeared outside Bloomfield Road to alert Blackpool fans that a suitable replacement had been found to replace Club Legend Ian Holloway. 18 year old manager Nez has been appointed.

Nez came with this to say "I know the club is in turmoil now with the resignation of Ian, a true legend of the game, however I am here to rescue this team, and to manage them my way, so I can help them ensure there safety in this league".

Later that day it was Nez's first game in charge and against Sunderland. In his press conferencea reported asked "What tactics areyou using?" "I am currently in the process of using Raikan007's perfect 2 tactics, work every time."
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