Blue Skies Ahead - A Coventry City Story


Apr 7, 2013
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Welcome to my Coventry City story

Hi. And welcome to my Coventry story. I'm a lifelong Coventry fan and as you can imagine i've seen some absolute **** peppered with some diabolical. Here's hoping I can make a change, and by the looks of it i've got a tough task, but more on that later. Here are the generics for those who don't know.

Club details

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Ground (for how long)
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Recent history
A steady decline into the football league
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So it begins...

So begins life at Coventry City. The club has had 10 managers come and go since 2001, a combination of the clubs intention to get back to the top flight and off field problems resulting in sackings and resignations. I'm hoping to add some stability to the club and build a long term future and get the Sky Blues back to the Premier League where they belong.

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My own personal targets tie in with the Chairmans and that of the fans - to secure promotion. Interestingly for a team a long time without silverware they're not bothered about the Johnstone's Paint Trophy, something I believe we can win. Promotion is definitely within the realms of possibility. The squad at my disposal is pretty good, although some additions could be needed.
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I get the harsh realisation of our finances (something of no surprise) in a conversation with the board, who inform me that i'll get £0 transfer funds this season. 1 of 7 in the league.
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My wage allowance isn't the greatest either, but not too bad for a League One team.
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Current Squad

After looking through my squad i'm very happy with what I have to work with. Although there isn't much depth, the first team quality should be enough to get us promoted. Here is a run down of the squad and how they play into my plans.

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Joe Murphy will be my 1st choice. A good Championship level goalie. Chris Dunn will serve purely as a back up.

Full Backs:
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Cyrus Christie and Blair Adams will be first choice full backs. Christie begins the season with an injury ruling him out for 1-3 months allowing Clarke to start the season at RB. I'm very happy with these players but i'm very light on cover. I'll need to dip into the loan market for a RB, and pick up a LB for cover for Adams.]

Centre Backs:
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Wood and Edjenguélé will be used as 1st choice centre backs with the intention of blooding Willis and Cameron in throughout the season. Very excited with the potential of Willis. Malaga will be used as a back up.


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Pretty spoilt with my selection of midfielders. Alot of creativity and playmaking in Fleck and Barton, who will be my key players this season, as well as some grit and aggression for defensive midfield in Jennings and Thomas. Bailey, Moussa, Baker, and McSheffrey all add to the quality. The midfield lacks obvious width which i'll address with my tactics.

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I am not spoilt in this department. I plan to stick one up top and have 2 big strikers in Ball and Clarke, whilst Elliott looks good as well.

In's and Out's??

Early transfers plans are to ship out David Bell and Cody McDonald. Both players can fit in at League One level but won't be in my 1st team. Both players are also top earners at the club with 5k a week each. Getting them off the wage bill free's it up for potential signings or back room staff. Cody is also sitting on a 2k appearance fee.
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