Aug 3, 2009
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I'm going to start a new career at my supported club, Wrexham FC! :D
Wrexham are in the blue square premier and I have set my Expectations to Promotion,
And i was just wondering who are there good free players that i can get to Wrexham?
and who are the best loan signings for a non league side? and also who can i buy with 7k that play well in not just non-league but league 2 aswel?

Thanks :)
What leagues do you have playable? If you have France, there are a lot of good free transfers that will be available

Thibault Blanchon
Mustafa Keita
Bradley Diallo

Thats your two CB and a RB/LB sorted!

If you have Spain

Jonatas - Att Mid

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Also, I found some good players by manually looking at all the National U-19 squads in Europe - a fair few of the smaller Countries (slovakia etc) will have players that are free or very cheap.
I have all english leagues playable and the top 2 leagues in scotland
I have all english leagues playable and the top 2 leagues in scotland

If I were you, I'd start again with more leagues playable (or at least view-only) so you have more players to choose from. Running a snall database is fine when you are playing with large teams, but with small teams your pool of players is seriously limited!
Okay, i will do that as i have only just started, what leagues should i have playable?