Jan 7, 2013
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What that all about? Is that some kind of youth ability? It doesn't make sense that so many top youth players never turns out great. I.E. being top class at age 16 but still has a two stars (yellow) report (PA).
yeah he might be predicted to become a world class player but you need him to work to get to his potential, It also might be the fact that he hasn't got the right stats for the particular type of position you're playing him, personally i don't reall notice the yellow stars (don't pay attention to them) if he is good then play him as much as possible so he can grow to become a better player
I always look at the key attributes when signing players. But scouting can be a time consuming job, so whatever input my scout can give me I'm willing to listen to. I'm also on the classic mode, so I'm trying not to use too many hours scouting each season.
I'm currently playing a three star right winger in my line up. He's total class both for me, and his national side Spain. So yes, don't always put all the weight of your decision on scout reports.

But do you mean that a youngster with a 5 star (blue) report can turn into a world beater if you tutor him the right way? Say I if find a player with 5 blue (CA) and two (yellow) PA stars, should I sign him up ?
Personally i wouldn't, if possible could you bring up his stats, Even though his PA is low, it can get even better while you're playing him constantly in your games, if you sign him up. Anyways what team are you, because it could be a good signing depending on what team you are..
I've stayed away from those players. I'm managing West Ham in 25/26. Won PL the last three years and CL last season.

I was just curious, it seems like I keep finding more and more of these players.
I think it's more like a silver rating as in below gold, so its not that their 5 star youth, its that they're 0.5 for example.