Board selling my players !!!!!


Jan 22, 2011
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Guys need some help with my board lol

Got some cracking up and coming players and have plenty of money in the bank and club doing well. Then one of the big boys (i.e. man city, man utd) come in with a huge bid for one of my players and I have no intention of accepting and selling but the board over ride the deal and say its to good a offer to refuse :O

Any advice guys on a way to stop this happening? I have already lost daniel sturridge and gareth bale within the past week, so need to sort it asap.

Hope someone can help.
This was one of my worst problems when I was Leverkusen. I had demanded 15 million for my star striker(Derdiyok) but my board sold him for half of that, 7.5 million. I was super ******.
my board sold rooney for £35 mill to Real Madrid
Oh no man! If Barca want to make a deal for my Cesc in future and board will accept than I kill them!