Oct 23, 2011
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I'm Chelmsford City and over the past few seasons I have managed them into the NPower League 1. Throughout the whole process I managed to hang onto this regen I got on a free first season even though he was easily good enough to play in higher leagues, I recently sold him....... For him I received 1 million pounds and I was hoping to use the money to fund improvements in the clubs youth system and training setup as they are still **** poor and well below the standards of the rest of the teams of the league. However, for the last month roughly whenever I go into the boardroom I cannot click on the options to ask to upgrade these facilities. Now I know that this does happen from time to time, but we certainly have the money to upgrade them (for the first time ever!) and I would basically just like to know why it's taking them so long to let me ask? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Do you mean the option is greyed out? If so let the mouse hover over the option and see what it says- usually something like not enough time since this request was last made.

FYI i have read that it is not worth upgrading facilities like youth setup until you make it to PL as the money it costs outweighs any increase in quality of regens you get or quality or training through increased training facilities. Once you make it too PL you will have the money to do bigger increases at once and get the benefits from them
Ok, thanks very much for the advice I didn't know you had to hover over it. I'll also upgrade training instead of youth now you have said that ! Thanks :)
No worries :) Im not 100% sure but it might not be worth upgrading training facilities either. I would try to improve stadium instead.