Boardroom request doesnt allow to click on expand stadium


Nov 7, 2009
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why isn't my board allowing me to click on the stadium at the boardroom request page - build new stadium, buy stadium, expand stadium, relay pitch?

It says it has been used recently, but from what i remember, i haven been able to click that for like a season long already.
You may not be able to. Is the 'build new stadium' an option?
I thought Southend were getting/have a new stadium? Check your "facilities" page
neither...we are at a new stadium which was built 2 yrs ago
im into the 4th season with southend now.. the stadium was built 2 years ago already.. currently i would like to expand the stadium however at the boardrm request page.. i cant choose the choice.. its not clickable..

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20,000 seater stadium.. im getting 19000+ ave..
Probably, it's because you just recently built the stadium despite it was 2 years ago, you might have to wait some time or achieve more at your reign at Southend to be able to expand it.
Because you haven't got the planning permission to do so, council have blocked it.
im at premier league nw.. just got into this league this season..

doesnt seem like council block it..when i put my cursor over the " expand stadium" it says it has been used recently.