Boardroom request granted - but no new coaches


Dec 9, 2010
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I have asked the board for more coaches and physios a few times now, they usually say no, but then i convince them and they agree with my request. However, i never get anymore spaces.

I am currently allowed 5 coaches, 3 1st team, 1 GK, 4 Physios, 1 fitness

is this a glitch, can i fix it?
it should take time i think...
since i always manage to increase staff allowed.... ^^)
i've done it before and it has been instant i think, it will be so annoying if i cant get anymore
Another of the million glitches in this version, I've had the same thing happen, sometimes I DO get the extra three coaches, sometimes they give me nothing despite telling me otherwise.
Well that should be enough as you can use free coach spaces to hire fittness and goalkeeping coaches and only need a coach per training section, so you are basically allowed 10 coaches in general. Now if you've got a coach in every training area (including 2 in GK and fittness) it only makes 9 coaches alltogether. Add the fact that your Assistant can also take part in training and you should be just fine!