Bogdan Stancu - Galatasaray (Yes remember him)


Feb 6, 2009
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Name: Bogdan Stancu
Club: Galatasaray
D.O.B: 28/05/1987
Nationality: Romanian
Position: Striker


long shots/finishing/technique/passing/free kick taking/pace/acceleration/agility/off the ball
etc etc etc

none for a striker

Yes we all know about Bogdan from Fm07 and Fm08, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how good he has turned out this year having fallen away since Fm07 days...

Suggested Roles:

Poacher - Attack


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I signed him for Everton in my story and he was a decent Champions League level striker
Was my captain for Hearts and club icon in 2017/2018 for FM2010.

Utter legend. May look into him again.

Raikan > (insert name).
Looks like a good player, although he has signed for Inter in my Millwall save :(
He is the captian of Middlesbrough in my save and their best player ever in 2022
Used to be brilliant, and looks like he has still got it! Cheers Raikan. :)
looks like he does, was trying to sign him for my Freiburg side, however, he went to another club instead.... ;)
On my Steaua Bucaresti save back in the day, he was an unstoppable force. Although by the looks of things, his anticipation and composure could be a little higher for a poacher. Still a great striker though.

Slightly off topic, but he reminds me of a player called Ciprian Marica, who scored an absolute hatful when he played for my Notts Forest team. Very similar players, if I remember correctly.
Ciprian Marica was a magician in Fm08 or Fm09, his stats are alot worse in Fm10 and Fm11 :) nothing compared to Bogdans here in the screenshot above :)
best played as a tranquista behind the strikers , good passing and flair and composure and can strike good whenever he has oppertunity to score yip hes in my sampdoria team :)
I'm very glad he had a deal with us (Galatasaray) .:) He scored yesterday his 2nd goal in 2 games (Not counting other 2 games where he substituted around 60th minute and played only 30 minutes.)
Advanced Foward :p
Nice find :)
Keep going Raikan, we love your enthusiasm :D
this guy is a goalscoring machine :) scores for every team he plays for....