Bolton v Man Utd

woooooooooo were beating bolton 2-0 already. this is one of the hardest games of the season by far, much more harder than the walk in the park last sunday, and were pwning! get in :D
Was a decent game, was all aboutt he first 20 mins and the last 20 mins,

Fletcher pwnt when he came on :)
was it on tv?? :|

four past the best defence in the premiership,****** awesome!
Nah, watched it on a stream, quality was amazing and it was in English
Yeah the stream pwned, and Rooney what a legend <3 him:D
Rooney has been back to his best for the last couple of games, just didn't score. Saved them for today. :p Vidic has really impressed me this season as well.
he has done well,him and ferdinand are gelling together. the only thing about him is that every now and again he thinks 'instead of passing to a team mate, il give to an opposition striker 30 yards from goal instead'. he gives the ball away basically!
Our defence is looking very solid tbh, not much really gets past them and Evra's settling in well going to have a nice competition for places for LB position.
1 game..? Doesn't mean hes **** in all the others he's better now than he was when he first came.
Yeh Evra has been excellent this season. I thought he was very good against Bolton as well (defensively). Beat Davies in the air a few times which is no mean feat.

Was a bit sloppy going forwards though, didn't look very confident.
Didnt say that LLoyd but its weird to start praising someone in a match thread who didnt play particularly well
maybe lloyd thought he played ok...