Bolton would lend Chelsea keeper

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Aug 23, 2006
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Bolton boss Sam Allardyce offers to lend Chelsea one of his goalkeepers to ease their crisis.

**** that, i say let them struggle. it would help the Prem League and confidence of other teams if they managed to beat chelsea
Yeah why's he tryin to be a good samaritan to the club that everyone now hates and that could be anyone they wanted?! Also, if he's got too many keepers he shouldnt have signed them in the first place!
'Cos there the only team you try to beat.
Theres an article on Hilario on BBC Football, he sounds *****! Cech could be out for 6 months abut Carlo might return at the weekend, Chelsea can actaully loan a GK to play in their CL match this week
Apparently hilario was in goal when we beat porto 4-0 in 1997 and he was at fault for two goals :D
Said on Sky Sports that Barthez might be coming out of retirement to join Chelsea!
I heard about that, most likely would happen aswell. :irked:
hahahahahaha relegation for chelsea!!