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awrite folks!?

just on the forums for summink to do and pass the time since moving back to my mums house. you'll probs see me in the fm threads, football and music i'd think.

laterz-on eh,
Not another Scot, we seem to be collecting them nowadays :(
You gave me bad rep for calling a n00b a hun, which was obviously in a jokey manor yet you can be racist
Welcome, stick around, ignore sean. he must have lost on PES or something :p
Welcome to Fm Base stick around try not to wind gregor up coz he crys like a baby when hes upset ;)
:cheers: hullo & welcome

I take it u like football, what team u support?
you're probably not gonna like this but err, hail hail and that y'know.
Well at least gregor's found a boyfriend :p

Welcome and stick around
:eek: what happened to us Andy, did you got to Steven the Sheep?