Sep 11, 2010
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any one who wants a network game today right now

heres a few rules
1.You Must go on holiday for matches as my computer is so slow
2.You must press continue very quickly or i kick you out as im not very patient tbf
3. No swearing
4.I need your hamachi and you probably need mine and if you do steam i need yr steam name!!

please for hamachi personal message me and for steam personal message me please

Please please please reply quick before i use editor (H)
Who would go on holiday for matches :O
mate to be far my computer is soooooooo sooo slow and the game performance is a half star so it wud make yr match so soo slow
tbh whats the point of playing Network Games if ur holidaying matches
yeah also u must click continue right away or ill kick u out so u can do so all then really
You're selling this to no-one mate. And continue straightaway or "i'll kick you out"? What about tactics, training schedules, player scouting, staff?
Just play on your own and be happy with that, no ****** is gonna want to play by those rules.