Mar 17, 2013
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Hi, I've just finished the first season in my save with Dortmund and I need suggestions for the transfers.
I need a good left IF with a good definition, a goalkeeper for the bench (Lagnerak isn't good enough), a young CB for rotations, and a defensive midfielder for the bench. I'll sign a free agent for the 4th CB place.

I only have 24.000.000€, who should I sell? I'll sell Grosskreutz, Kehl (I renewed his contract to 2014 at the start of the game, but he's 33 years old and he charges 250k € monthly), Kirch, Lagnerak and Santana (he's a very good substitute but his value is 9.75M € and his contract finishes in 2014, I can get some € if I sell him).

This is my team (substitutes in brackets):

Weidenfeller (¿?)
Piszczek (Owomoyela) - Subotic (¿?) - Hummels (¿?) - Schmelzer (Lowe)
Bender (¿?) - Gündogan (Leitner)
Reus (Blaszczykowski) - Götze (Perisic) - ¿? (Schieber)

And I also have some youngsters.

(The save is not with the new database)

Edit: I won the League, the German Cup and the Champions last season, sso as you can see I only need players for the bench and a good winger, what do you think of Schurrle? They want 26.5 M € for him, is he worth it?
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CB - Kyle bartley - plays for swansea and used to get 7.5+ averages for me, he's also young so wont mind sitting on the bench. He shouldn't cost that much either.

GK - I suggest you get a youth to start replacing Weiden, he's quite old to begin with yet with how many years your in? Maybe butland, forster or koval?

DM - Jadson?
hi, can you put your dortmund tactic in here?
DM - Lars Bender, Simao or Wanyama
CB - Capuano, Iningo Martinez, Ismait-Mirren (Valenciennes)