Apr 21, 2009
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So finally having got Braintree into the Championship, sorting out the club finances and managing to sell one player for a £5m profit (got him for virtually nothing and sold within a season for £5m) the board has decided to shell out and build a new stadium to replace the aging Cressing Road ground. Great I thought a stadium to really put Braintree on the map, and then it came to the naming of said new ground and who do they name it after, the manager that took them from Blue Square south obscurity to 4th place in the Championship in 5 seasons? No they name it after Brad Quinton the ex Assistant Manager/Player (who left 3 years ago) talk about a slap in the face......
Funny though!
Quite an achievement getting to the Championship in 5 seasons though(H)
Yeah Im happy with the achievement just be nice for the board to name it after me :) ego boost, they do love me though so cant really complain, i keep turning down job offers and get results for them so as long as that continues maybe ill get a stadium named after me if/when i break into the premiership :)
Thats funny :)

How big a stadium was it?
Im just trying to get Bromley to the prem and want a new stadium!
It would be a bit random if they named it after you while you were still there? Although naming it after a random assistant seems a bit dodgy lol. But well done for getting that far!
I did have a new stadium as Liverpool manager named after me whilst I was still there...
unlucky man. Must be a slap in the face for an entire stadium that will exist after you die to be named after an ex *** man. Must have been a pretty good *** man for the chairman to get a stadium named after him!
If a stadium gets named after me I would hate it :D

I probably would use FMRTE to edit the name :)