Dec 8, 2010
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The beach in Dubai was crisp and the heat was too much for me so i walked slowly to my hotel room, turning on the television i seen the most bizarre sky sports news headline 'Craig Levein relieved on Scotland nation team duties due to explicit press conference outburst'

I actually couldn't believe what was happening, the man's only been in the job a year and a bit and he's dropped a clanger already was my first thought then te obvious next thought was how great would it be too manage Scotland, my one regret.


Dalglish: Hello

FA : Hello Kenny, you heard the news ?

Dalglish: Yeah what the fu*ks going on mate ?

FA: Levein was having a press conference and was asked whether he classed you as the greatest Scottish player ever and he laughed and said you was a bottler for never taking the Scottish manager job.

Dalglish: Cheeky bast*rd i'll give him so much grief next time i see him, any candidates for the job so far ?

FA: No kenny he's only been gone 25 minutes.

Dalglish: Good, put my name on the list i'll prove this joker whose the bottler.

FA: Wow, fair play i'll pass on the message talk soon.

Sky sports news was still running the story when i put the phone down, little did they know that later on in the week the Scottish Football Association would be possibly announcing his appointment.

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Phone goes off*

Kenny : Hello
SFA : Sorry Kenny its bad news, your application has failed
Kenny : What the fu*k you mean failed ?
SFA : We've had better applicant like i've said im sorry but thats football
Kenny : Now listen here you little tw*t im the best possible applicant i'll show Levein how its done
Phone call goes dead.


Scotland announce Gemmill as new gaffer

In news which sent a shiver down the spine of all scotsmen of his generation Archie Gemmill the man who scored possibly the greatest world cup goal of all time has been given the chance the manage his country at the age of 63, the news is a massive shock as Kenny Dalglish threw his name into the fold and was tipped as being a certain appointment.

Whilst this news was announced the SFA announced a friendly which had everyone talking, England at home is a game which every Scot loves and 2011 will be a year to remember if Scotland win. Other friendlies announced include Chile and Egypt which on paper look tough challenges as they sit in the top 15 best nations in the world.

Gemmills first match is a friendly against Sweden away followed by two tricky Euro qualifiers firstly away to Lituania then away to Liechtenstein.


[ame=""]YouTube - Archie Gemmill vs. Holland 1978[/ame]​
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