Brazilian kidnapping


Mar 8, 2006
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Has anyone heard about the increasing kidnapping of the mothers of Brazilian players. Robinho's mother was kidnapped from a garden party & these gangster guys then hold the player to ransom! :eek:

Luckily his mother was returned safely although the kidnappers cut her hair short ( wtf that is all about i do not know!) & he took his mother & himself off to Spain

Want a mental place Rio really is
Perhaps Robinhos mothers hair had qualities like Samsons, and now its short Robinho wont be able to hit a barn door. Or maybe not...
There is a program on thursday at 9pm on BBC2 about the kidnapping going on in Brazil including bits about Robinho.
yer i saw that program they interviewed the kidnappers they were all sitting there talking of the people they had kidnapped and the way they do it, god knows why the police didnt run in and shot the lot of the dirty bastards
yeah they had one guy in the cell and he was say that he chose this job instead of some other ways of making a living, brazil is a real dodgy place. City of god pretty much shows an exact way of living for the criminals of rio
Don't they cut the hair so that they look different. Don't kno if it will do anything but tats what i thought